About Us

Security and safety assurance through proper and comprehensive Risk Management, Due Diligence, pre engagement Screening & Background Check and Investigations is fundamental in any organizations growth, BCL endavours to partner in delivering this solution.

Burton Consortium

We are a security and risk management solution consulting company focusing on crime and loss prevention through risk management, due diligence, background checks & screening, safety and emergency audit. Burton Consortium Limited has highly resourceful personnel with vast experience in the security industry including public and private security sectors; these individuals are members of highly respected international body’s like ASIS International (American Society of Industrial Security), ISMI (International Security Management Institute). In serving our clients, we will be guided by international reference on standards and guidelines while using locally workable principles. We believe that understanding the risk and knowing what to do is academic exercise unless you deliver the solutions and controls required to reduce and mitigate those risks

Our Team

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How We Work

At Burton Consortium Limited, we do understand that through inadvertent malpractice preventive measures may fail, with this in mind our forensic and private investigation services comes in handy to establish the root cause and design mitigation measures in response to the malpractice

Our Clients

Astral Aviation