Forensics and Private Investigations

At Burton Consortium Limited, our main focus is on risk, loss and crime prevention but we are also realistic that as much as organizations and institutions try to put in place risk, loss and crime prevention strategies, unfortunate incidences such as financials and property fraud, theft, blackmail, threat and workplace violence among others continue to take place.

Many a times cases are lost in court not because of lack of evidence but the way evidence is managed, at BCL we ensure that we not only secure the evidence but also manage it in a professional manner that would help clearance of the matter in the court of law.

Our investigation and forensic unit constitute professionals applying not only legal but also professional and cutting edge technology to assist organizations recover appropriately. Burton Consortium Limited Investigations covers but not limited to;

  • Transport and Logistics Surveillance, Intelligence & Reporting Services.
  • General Investigations & Consultancy Services.
  • Investigations of Serious Financial and Economic Fraud.
  • Fraud Risks Management Services.
  • Payroll Fraud and Audit Services.
  • Tracking and Tracking of defaulters – Lending institutions.
  • Illicit trade investigations.
  • Counterfeit Investigations
  • Diversion and dumping investigations.
  • Market Surveillance and Intelligence.
  • Covert Investigations.