Background check and Due Diligence

Background Check and Due Diligence

In the process of hiring or on-boarding of new employee, the process can be tangled with various dynamics which might cause certain aspects to be over looked by the concerned people. It is notable that employers understand the dual benefits of hiring the best people and providing a safe and secure workplace – both physically and financially; for their employee’s customers, shareholders and community which they operate. A key factor is to know as much as you can about the people you want to engage whether in employment or in business. Our 13-point (bronze, silver, and Gold)check ensures that we cover as much ground as possible to assist institutions and organizations get it right during hiring.

Risks associated with bad employees, phony vendors / suppliers as well as contractors have costed victim institutions millions of dollars in losses and reputation. Timely and relevant critical information is essential in making right decisions. This is where Burton Consortium Limited comes in assisting your organization to collect, analyze and relay this information so that your investment and reputation may be safe.

  • Employment Background checks services
  • Pre-employment screening (on employment screening / employee monitoring
  • Staff life style audits investigations
  • Human resource recruitment services
  • Vendors / service providers/ procurement due diligence services.
  • Property purchase due diligence services
  • Company due diligence investigations services